Plan for Retirement

First, you have to understand where you are today then plan for where you are going, 

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Find now your net worth – instantly

Now it becomes easy to handle on retirement planning that considers your complete net worth with the help of a special tool, including liabilities and assets.

  • To see what-if scenarios, how your lifestyle choices impact your retirement use the Lifetime Planner (only for Windows user) to model long-term goal

  • Watch a single comprehensive view of your investment portfolio and holdings



See the impact by tracking your spending

By understanding your spending it will allow you to let you know that what you’ll actually need in the future by creating an accurate forecast 

  •  for your financial planner or advisor or for yourself now you can easily generate cash flow reports or spending
  • It helps you to create a customized budget that actually fit your unique situation and pocket
  • By categorization across all of your accounts (checking, debit cards, savings, credit cards) see a detailed breakdown of spending (and income)
  • With the help of  upcoming bill alerts stay and pay on top of your bills and other recurring expense




Your retirement accounts all in one place

Planning for your financial future starts with taking stock of where you are today

  • Get a comprehensive view of your investment portfolio – 401(k)s, 403(b)s, or IRAs and holdings
  • To see where you stand with your various accounts you can easily connect to over 14,000 financial institutions and compare yourself



Find which Quicken is perfect for you



Home & Business

Everything in Deluxe, plus:

  • Free online bill payment (a $119/year value)*
  • Priority access to customer support (a $49 value)*
  • Simplify your investments and taxes
  • Best value



Everything in Premier, plus:

  • Track and simplify your profit & loss and business tax deductions 
  • Categorize and separate personal expenses and business 
  • With the help of payment link email custom invoices from Quicken